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Our platform offers specialized "Multifamily AI Expert" custom models that can be used to solve your business problems quickly and efficiently. Save hours of prompt research and engineering and simply ask your Multifamily AI Expert to solve your problem

Multifamily AI Experts Ready to go

There are various Multifamily Experts, who educate you and help come up with plans-of-action to solve your problems.

Onsite Operations

Get access to an onsite apartment management teams. Get ideas from your Multifamily AI Experts. Each expert has been prompted at the API level to generate custome responses for your apartment properties. Apartment Managers, Assistant Managers, Apartment Concierge, Apartment Leasing agent, Events Coordinator, and Apartment Maintenace Technician.

Corporate Operations

Get access to corporate Multifamily employees. Multifamily Regional Manager, Multifamily Vice President of Operations, Chief Financial Officer, Risk Manager, Director of Marketing, Human Resources, Multifamily Accountant, Multifamily Developer, Multifamily Investor, Director or Training & Employee Development.

Technology Tools & Operations

Get Access to all the Multifamily Experts and tools designed to grow and scale your company. Access to tools like: Marketing Analysis Generator, Product Idea Generator, Code Writer, Content Writer, Tweet Writer, Email Writer, Sales Funnel Writer, Custom Avatar Generator, Content Expander, Python Code Generator, Regex.

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